Premier League Football General Knowledge Quiz 4 (15 Questions)

Quiz Questions

  1. How many teams played in the first Premier League season?
  2. Who was the first player from outside of Europe (UEFA countries) to score 100 Premier League goals?
  3. Only one hat trick was scored for Wimbledon FC. By whom?
  4. Who was the first player to win the European Golden Boot while playing in the Premier League team?
  5. What links Paul Ince, Kevin Campbell and Steve Bruce (amongst a few others)?
  6. Which Spurs midfielder and later Seaman lobber was the first Spaniard to score in the Premier League?
  7. Who was the first Frenchman to score in the Premier League?
  8. Who was the first Englishman to score a Premier League goal?
  9. Which Coventry City player was the first Zimbabwean to score a Premier League goal?
  10. Which Italian scored his country’s first Premier League goal (as a part of a hat-trick on the first day of the season)?
  11. In 1992 Manchester United won their first title in 26 years. Who were the runners up?
  12. Who finished the top 1992 placed London side?
  13. Who was promoted from being in charge of the youth team to be manager of Norwich for the beginning of the 92/93 season?
  14. Who won the 1992 Young Player of the Year award?
  15. The North Bank at Highbury was being redeveloped and a large mural with a crowd painted on it was put in front. What problem with it did striker Kevin Campbell point out to vice-chairman David Dein?


Quiz Answers

  1. 22
  2. Dwight Yorke
  3. Dean Holdsworth, versus Oldham Athletic in April 1994
  4. Kevin Phillips, who scored 30 goals for Sunderland in the 1999/2000 season
  5. Their sons have played in the Premier League – Tom Ince, Tyrese Campbell and Alex Bruce.
  6. Nayim
  7. Eric Cantona, who was also the first (from any nation) to score a Premier League hat trick
  8. Brian Deane of Sheffield United scored the first ever Premier League goal.
  9. Peter Ndlovu, Indeed, he was the first black African to play in England.
  10. Fabrizio Ravanelli
  11. Aston Villa
  12. QPR
  13. Mike Walker
  14. Ryan Giggs, for the second season running
  15. That there were only white people in the ‘crowd’



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