Stranger things General Knowledge Quiz 5 (15 Questions)

15 Quiz Questions

  1. Due to the Events of November 1983. Who took over the Role of Head Researcher at the Hawkins National Laboratory after Dr Martin Brenner?
  2. Name the Real World Umbrella project said to have experimented on people and brainwash them that the series’ own experiments are meant to also be a part of?
  3. During one experiment, on November 6 1983, Eleven makes contact with Which Type of entity from The Upside Down?
  4. In the same incident what was accidentally opened to link our world with the Upside Down?
  5. Name the best friend of Nancy Wheeler who became the first person to vanish into the Upside Down?
  6. How tall is the Demogorgon A.) 6ft, B.) 8.5ft, C.) 2ft?
  7. Can you remember Elevens Original and Revised names?
  8. What are the names of all the members of the group who become best friends with Eleven?
  9. Name the Stepbrother of Max Mayfield.
  10. Who or What was Billy Hargrove possessed by in 1985?
  11. Billy’s car has a Californian license plate that says?
  12. The Character of Billy is based on another movie character, famously played by Rob Lowe, also called Billy and even shares his look and outfits. Can you name the 1985 Movie he is played in?
  13. Which Character famously sports a Hellfire Club T-Shirt?
  14. What game did the Hawkins Hellfire Club officially play?
  15. In March 1984, Eddie, serving as Dungeon Master, created and hosted which Dungeons & Dragons Campaign?

Quiz Answers

  1. Dr Sam Owens
  2. Project MK Ultra
  3. Demogorgon
  4. “The Gate”
  5. Barbara Holland
  6. 8.5ft
  7. Jane Ives & Jane “El” Hopper
  8. Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max & Will
  9. Billy Hargrove
  10. The Mind Flayer
  11. PCE 235
  12. St Elmo’s Fire
  13. Edward “Eddie” Munson
  14. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)
  15. The Cult of Vecna Campaign



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