Stranger Things General Knowledge Quiz 6 (15 Questions)

15 Quiz Questions

  1. Can you name all Three Characters named after characters from the game Dungeons & Dragons?
  2. What are the names of Henry Creel’s parents?
  3. Name the Actress who plays the character, Nancy Wheeler.
  4. How many Boyfriends has Nancy Wheeler had throughout the series and can you name them?
  5. Henry Creel is Designated as what number in the Hawkins National Laboratory tests?
  6. What is Dustin’s Surname?
  7. What is Dustin’s Signature piece of clothing?
  8. Can you name the real-life actor who plays the character of Dusting Henderson?
  9. Can you name the Genetic Disorder that prevents Dustin’s teeth from growing properly?
  10. Name Mike Wheeler’s Mother.
  11. What role does Mike usually take on when playing D&D with his friends?
  12. Which 80’s classic movie does Mike have a poster for in his bedroom?
  13. Mike is the first person in the series to call the Alternate Dimension by what name?
  14. James “Jim” Hopper is played by which actor?
  15. Between July 1985 – March 1986 where did Jim Hopper Reside?

Quiz Answers

  1. Vecna, Demogorgon, Mind Flayer
  2. Victor & Virginia Creel
  3. Natalia Dyer
  4. Steve Harrington & Jonathan Byers
  5. 001
  6. Henderson
  7. Baseball Cap
  8.  Gaten Matarazzo
  9. Cleidocranial Dysplasia
  10. Karen Wheeler
  11. Dungeon Master
  12. The Dark Crystal
  13. The Upside Down
  14. David Harbour
  15. Kamchatka, Russia


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