Stranger Things General Knowledge Quiz 8 (15 Questions)

15 Quiz Questions

  1. Which character is described as 50 stories tall and sporting a distinctive “spider-like” appearance?
  2. What was unintendedly opened by Eleven on 6th November 1983 that was located underneath the Hawkins National Laboratory?
  3. By what means was the Mind flayer able to spread its influence throughout the town of Hawkins?
  4. What structure was Eleven placed into by Dr Martin Brenner in order to make contact with the Upside Down?
  5. What was the name of the ill-fated colleague of Dr Brenner who first entered The Gate at The Hawkins Lab?
  6. After the Soviet Union caught wind of the events in Hawkins in November 1983, what is the name of the device used in their attempt to open their own gate?
  7.  What is the name of the doctor who ran the Russian counterpart of The Mother gate project?
  8. In session 1 of the show how did Joyce and Will Byers communicate when Will was trapped int the Upside Down?
  9. Where did Joyce Byers work?
  10. What is the Full Name of the character that goes by the nickname “Enzo”?
  11. Can you remember Enzo’s job in the show?
  12. What is the Actors name who plays Dmitri Antonov?
  13. Who plays the Investigative Jounalist hired by the Hollands to investigate their daughter’s disappearance?
  14. What is the Name of this Wiley Investigative Journalist?
  15. Can you remember the Codename that Murray goes by?

Quiz Answers

  1. The Mind flayer
  2. The Mother gate/Rift/The Gate
  3. by underground tunnels
  4. Sensory Deprivation Tank
  5. Shepard
  6. The Keys
  7. Dr Alexei
  8. Alphabet and Fairy Lights
  9. Melvald’s General Store
  10. Dmitri Antonov
  11. Prison Guard at Kamchatka Prison
  12. Tom Wlaschiha
  13. Brett Gelman
  14. Murray Bauman
  15. Bald Eagle



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