Stranger Things General Knowledge Quiz 9 (15 Questions)

Stranger Things General Knowledge Quiz 9

15 Quiz Questions

  1. Can you name the Arch enemy of Murray Bauman?
  2. What roles/jobs did Grigori fill under Russian General Stepanov?
  3. Where could you find a secret Russian Covert Underground Military Base?
  4. Who was the corrupt local mayor who allowed the construction of the Starcourt Secret Military Base?
  5. The Russian Assassin Grigori’s look and image was based on which famous ’80s futuristic time travelling cyborg?
  6. What are the two known locations where the Russian Interdimensional Key Machines are located?
  7. Where did the Russian Scientists believe the perfect location for their keys where in order to open a gate to the Upside Down?
  8. On 28 June 1985 the Russian Key Project was a success momentarily creating a new gate. But this allowed the Mind Flayer find and revive a dormant piece of itself that had been hidden since 1984. Which location was this part hidden held?
  9. What is the name given to those who are possessed by The Mind Flayer?
  10. Noah Schnapp plays which character in the Series?
  11. What is Will Byers’ Date of Birth?
  12. Karen Wheeler flirted with which life guarding character whilst with her friends at the local pool?
  13. Which character is the best friend of Dustin Henderson and the leader of the Hellfire Club?
  14. What are the bat like demonic creatures the fill the skies of the Upside Down?
  15. Robin Buckley is the real life daughter of which A List Hollywood Actress?

Quiz Answers

  1. Grigori
  2. Soldier & Hitman
  3. Starcourt Mall
  4. Larry Kline
  5. The Terminator
  6. Kamchatka Facility, Russia & Starcourt Mall, Hawkins, Indiana
  7. Hawkins, Indiana
  8. Brimborn Steel Works
  9. The Flayed
  10. William “Will” Byers
  11. 22nd March 1971
  12. Billy Hargrove
  13. Eddie Munson
  14. Demobats
  15. Uma Thurman

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