The Hunger Games Quiz

Questions 1. Who volunteers to take Primrose Everdeen’s place as a tribute in the Hunger Games? A. Rue B. Katniss Everdeen C. Peeta Mellark D. Clove 2. Who is the male tribute from District Twelve? A. Gale Hawthorne B. Haymitch Abernathy C. Peeta Mellark D. Cato 3. What advice does Haymitch give to Katniss and […]

Anyone But You Quiz

Questions Who stars as Ben in “Anyone But You”? A. Zoey Deutch B. Glen Powell C. Darren Barnet D. Kurt Russell Which Shakespeare play is “Anyone But You” loosely adapted from? A. Romeo and Juliet B. Hamlet C. Much Ado About Nothing D. A Midsummer Night’s Dream Who plays Bea in the film? A. Sydney […]

Baby Reindeer Netflix

Questions Who is the creator and star of Baby Reindeer? A. Donny Dunn B. Richard Gadd C. Christopher Hudspeth D. Tom Goodman-Hill What type of relationship develops between Donny and Martha? A. Romantic B. Professional C. Stalker-victim D. Sibling Which actress portrays Martha in the series? A. Jessica Gunning B. Nava Mau C. Laura Linney […]

Mythical Creatures and Legends Quiz

Questions What is the name of the one-eyed giant in Greek mythology? In Norse mythology, what is the name of the world tree that connects the nine worlds? Which creature in Greek mythology has the body of a lion, the head of a human, and the tail of a serpent? In Arthurian legend, what is […]