Unsolved Scientific Phenomena


    1. What is the term for the hypothetical form of matter that makes up approximately 27% of the universe’s mass and energy, yet has never been directly observed?
    2. Which phenomenon involves the rapid, unexplained appearance and disappearance of large numbers of fish and other sea creatures, often reported by sailors?
    3. What is the name given to the mysterious and highly energetic bursts of radio waves coming from outer space that last only a few milliseconds?
    4. Which anomaly in physics involves particles behaving differently when observed, raising questions about the nature of reality and observation?
    5. What is the name of the theoretical force that is believed to be driving the accelerated expansion of the universe, yet remains one of the greatest mysteries in cosmology?
    6. Which deep-sea phenomenon involves the appearance of glowing orbs of light that move through water, and has puzzled scientists for decades?
    7. What is the name of the large, low-frequency seismic waves that travel through the Earth, but whose exact origins and causes are not fully understood?
    8. Which medical phenomenon involves people reportedly bursting into flames without an apparent external source of ignition, and remains unexplained by science?
    9. What is the term for the mathematical problem involving the distribution of prime numbers, which has intrigued mathematicians for centuries?
    10. Which mysterious hum, heard by a small percentage of the population in various locations around the world, has yet to be definitively explained?


  1. Dark matter.
  2. Milky seas.
  3. Fast radio bursts (FRBs).
  4. The observer effect.
  5. Dark energy.
  6. Bioluminescent marine organisms (or deep-sea bioluminescence).
  7. Earth’s hum.
  8. Spontaneous human combustion.
  9. The Riemann hypothesis.
  10. The Taos Hum.



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